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Arbor day Images, Quotes, messages, wishes,celebration gifts 2016

Arbor Day 2016: There are a lot of people who do not know about the Arbor Day images, quotes, arbor day celebration gift ideas, happy arbor day 2016 poems. which is a very important day to celebrate and do what it is famous for. I know, there are a lot of people who still might be wondering What is Arbor Day All about? So, in this article I’m going to tell you all about the Arbor Day and why it should be followed and celebrated.
First of all, a few things you must know that Arbor Day is observed in spring season. It’s dates depend upon the perfect condition to grow the trees or plants. This year, Arbor Day 2016 is falling on 29th April 2016.

What is Arbor Day all about?

Arbor Day is an holiday in some countries in which people are encouraged to plant and care for the trees that are already planted. The very first Arbor Day celebrated in America was in 1872. On the 10th April, 1872, approximately one million trees were planted in Nebraska.
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Arbor Day 2016

Arbor Day 2016: is going to be celebrated within few days and you must be prepared for it. You can get the trees from local area and you should plant it outside the house. These has many advantages that it’ll provide a cooler atmosphere to your house. The air you’ll breath will me cleaner.
Arbor Day
Arbor Day 2016
Arbor Day 2016 Celebration
Arbor Day 2016 Celebration
Arbor Day 2016 Image
Arbor Day 2016 Image
Arbor Day Foundation
Arbor Day Images
Arbor Day Plant a Tree and Celebrate
Arbor Day Quotes
Arbor Day Quotes 2016
Happy Arbor Day Clipart
Happy Arbor Day Clipart
                                            Happy Arbor Day Quotes

                          Arbor Day Quotes 2016

Arbor Dау…whісh hаѕ аlrеаdу trаnѕрlаntеd іtѕеlf…tо еvеrу ѕtаtе іn thе Amеrісаn Unіоn аnd hаѕ even bееn adopted in fоrеіgn lands…is nоt lіkе оthеr holidays. Eасh оf thоѕе rероѕеѕ оn thе раѕt, while Arbоr Day рrороѕеѕ fоr thе futurе.

It has bееn ѕаіd thаt trееѕ are imperfect men, аnd seem tо bеmоаn thеіr іmрrіѕоnmеnt rооtеd іn thе ground. But thеу nеvеr seem ѕо tо me. I nеvеr ѕаw a dіѕсоntеntеd trее. They grір the grоund аѕ thоugh thеу lіkеd іt, аnd thоugh fаѕt rooted thеу trаvеl аbоut аѕ fаr аѕ wе dо. Thеу gо wаndеrіng forth іn аll dіrесtіоnѕ wіth еvеrу wіnd, gоіng and соmіng like оurѕеlvеѕ, traveling with uѕ around thе sun two mіllіоn miles a dау, and thrоugh ѕрасе heaven knоwѕ hоw fаѕt and far! ~Jоhn Muіr, July 1890

Of all mаn’ѕ wоrkѕ of аrt, a саthеdrаl іѕ greatest. A vаѕt аnd mаjеѕtіс trее is grеаtеr than that.
~ Hеnrу Wаrd Beecher

If a mаn wаlkѕ іn thе wооdѕ for lоvе оf them hаlf оf еасh day, hе іѕ іn dаngеr оf bеіng rеgаrdеd as a loafer. But іf hе ѕреndѕ his days as a speculator, shearing off thоѕе woods аnd mаkіng thе еаrth bаld bеfоrе her tіmе, he is dееmеd аn іnduѕtrіоuѕ аnd еntеrрrіѕіng сіtіzеn.

“Fаnсу сuttіng dоwn аll those bеаutіful trееѕ…tо make рulр fоr those bloody newspapers, аnd саllіng it сіvіlіѕаtіоn.” Wіnѕtоn Churсhіll, rеmаrkіng tо his son during a vіѕіt tо Cаnаdа in 1929

Thоѕе who соntеmрlаtе thе bеаutу of thе еаrth fіnd reserves of strength thаt will еndurе аѕ lоng as lіfе lasts. Thеrе іѕ ѕоmеthіng іnfіnіtеlу hеаlіng іn thе rереаtеd rеfrаіnѕ of nature—the assurance thаt dаwn соmеѕ аftеr night, аnd spring after thе wіntеr.

Trееѕ are thе еаrth’ѕ еndlеѕѕ еffоrt to speak tо thе listening hеаvеn.

Onlу whеn thе lаѕt trее has dіеd аnd thе last rіvеr bееn poisoned and thе lаѕt fіѕh been саught wіll wе rеаlіzе we cannot еаt mоnеу.

Arbor day wishes :

What an irony it is that these living beings whose shade we sit in, whose fruit we eat, whose limbs we climb, whose roots we water, to whom most of us rarely give a second thought, are so poorly understood. We need to come, as soon as possible, to a profound understanding and appreciation for trees and forests and the vital role they play, for they are among our best allies in the uncertain future that is unfolding

Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains, be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart and the great spirit will always be with you

Trees are like beautiful poems written on sky by earth. Let us not destroy these life giving creations as they are precious gifts of nature. Wishing you a National Arbor Day 2016.

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So, that my friends was all about Arbor Day 2016. Hope you like this. We’ve gathered all the information together and placed it in one place here. You can also share these with your friends and family via social sharing buttons. Thank you for visiting. Hope you have a great Arbor Day 2016.

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St Georges day wishes, poems, messages,quotes and wallpapers

St Georges Day 2016 Quotes Sayings Bible Verses Status Images Pictures :-  On the occasion of Saint Georges Day We are sharing with you latest St Georges Day Quotes Wishes Slogans Images Pictures Whatsapp Status Poems sayings fb covers dp pics for you friends, family or relatives. Saint George’s Day is the feast day of St. George and celebrated in the Monastery of Saint George in al-Khader, near Bethlehem. It is also known as Georgemas. It is the national day of England, but it’s not the public holiday in England. This event is celebrated by so many churches and Christian people in several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the Patron Saint. St. George Day is celebrated on 23rd April. The date of George Day is decided by the Gregorian calendar. St George’s feast is ranked higher in England and in certain other regions. It is the second most important National Feast in Catalonia, where the day is known in Catalan as La Diada de Sant Jordi, and it is traditional to give a rose and a book to a loved one.


St Georges day Sayings, status:

 Today is St George's DayHe killed that thing with the firey faceSo why do we English celebrateA Turk, who never set foot in the place

 Happy St George’s Day!
 The gentlenss of the English civilisation is perhaps its most marked characteristic.


 Happy St George’s Day, Darling This is not a day to moan But today can you not slay the dragon Just for once, leave me Mum alone Jon Bratton

 May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night – Irish Blessing

 We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.

St Georges day Poems: 

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
A Roman soldier, lost his head,
For not ditching his Christian beliefs, it is said.
Though, legend sounds better, when a man called George
Went out one day, with his trusty sword.
He wandered from home, far and wide,
Across the English countryside;
Meeting people, and making new friends,
His gentlemanly conduct, knew no ends.

One day, he met a lady, … heavily laden,
In the form of a buxom maiden.
He could see that she was in distress,
And, on her journey, she could not progress.

He questioned her, and asked her why,
She shed a tear from her beautiful eye.
She explained, her route was blocked, ahead,
A dragon had decided to make it’s bed.

St Georges day wishes, quotes :

Saint George's Cross bars the gates of Day
Where the snow ne'er melts on the Himaleh
That bannered Cross shall wave o'er them
While Japhet dwells in the tents of Shem.
Saint George for merry England.

ST GEORGE! St George for England!
Clear rings the ancient cry;
St George! St George for England!
Who dares to do and die?

Wishing you always—
Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain
And tea beside the fire—
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you—
And all that your heart might desire!

May you have warm words
on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill
all the way to your door.


St Georges Day

St Georges Day quotes

 St Georges Day  Wishes, St Georges Day  Syaing, St Georges Day  Images, St Georges Day Pics, stgeorges day hd wallpapersgeorges day images pictures, happy georges day wallpapersgeorgeswhatsapp dp, st georges day facebook profile pic, st georges,St Georges Day  Quotes,st georges day facebook status, st georges whatsapp status, happy georges day statusgeorges day 2016 whatsapp status, happy georges day fb status, happy,St Georges Day 2016short quotes,quotation,thoughts,words,sayings,St Georges Day quotations on fb,St Georges Day thoughtful lines,St GeorgesDay good thought.

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Facts about st Georges day celebration

Facts about st Georges day celebration

England celebrates its national day today, with the spotlight shining on St George. Andy Richardson unearths 20 facts that people don’t know about our patron saint.
England celebrates its national day today, with the spotlight shining on St George. Andy Richardson unearths 20 facts that people don’t know about our patron saint.
1. Despite the fact that St George has been England’s patron saint since the 14th century, a recent survey showed that only one in five people know that St George’s Day falls on April 23.
2. The same survey showed that a quarter of English people do not even know who their patron saint is.
3. St George died on the same date as Shakespeare. St George died on 23 while Shakespeare followed on that day in 1616.
4. A popular custom in bygone years was for people to wear a red rose in their button hole, the national flower for the national day.
5. St George is also the patron saint of scouting.
6. The most popular story about St George is of him slaying a dragon. However, in reality, it is highly unlikely that he did. During the Middle Ages, dragons commonly represented the devil. It is more probable that he chased away bad spirits.
7. Despite the improbability that St George actually fought a dragon, stories persist. In one version, the dragon’s scales were so hard that St George’s spear shattered into a thousand pieces.
8. The real St George is believed to have been a brave Roman solider who protested again the Romans’ torture of Christians.
9. St George’s flag was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. Soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle
10. St George is believed to have been a soldier from Syrian Palestine, who was in the Guard of Diocletian.
11. Christians recognise St George as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
12. St George’s birth date is believed to have been sometime between 275AD and 285AD.
13. The English devotion to St George pre-date the Norman Conquest, in the 11th century.
14. In Georgia, St George has been devoted to their patron saint since the 4th century.
15. There are 365 Orthodox churches in Georgia named after St George, according to the number of days in a year.
16. St George was beheaded at Lydda, in Palestine.
17. April 23 was named St George’s Day in 1222.
18. St George is also the patron saint of Lithuania, Portugal, Germany and Greece, as well as cities including Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice.
19. St George is believed to have been tortured. He was crushed between two spiked wheels and boiled in molten lead. Legend says neither killed him.
20. St George was adopted in England because the story in The Golden Legend, about his slaying of a dragon, was similar to an Anglo-Saxon legend.
St George's Day Craft ideas 2016

St George's Day Craft ideas 2016

Celebrate St George's Day this year by raiding the craft cupboard and having a go at some of these original, patriotic crafts for kids. We've also got some very English symbols here - the telephone box and post box, and, as England is often associated with London, our very own red double-decker London bus!

Coffee Filter Rose

Children can try making this pretty coffee filter rose for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day - it's so pretty, who wouldn't be happy to receive it!
Sock Puppet Dragon Craft

Sock Puppet Dragon Craft

A gorgeous craft for St George's Day, St David's Day, the Year of the Dragon, a fairy tale theme, or just for fun!
St George's Day Flag Collage

St George's Day Flag Collage

Make a lovely textural St George's Day flag with some tissue paper scrunching and sticking - great fun!
St George's Day Placemat

St George's Day Placemat

Here's a fun paper weaving activity that the kids can try, to dress the table in patriotic fashion for St George's Day!
Teddy Mascots

Teddy Mascots

Kids can have great fun dressing up their teddies and other toys as mascots - either for a real sporting event (dress them up to support your favourite countries in the Olympics and World Cup, for
Wooden Spoon Dragon Craft

Wooden Spoon Dragon Craft

This wooden spoon dragon is incredibly effective and much simpler to make than it looks! It will keep older kids busy for a while and give them a craft to be proud of, too.

I hope you like St geroges day craft ideas  2016 .